5 Considerable Points to Use Rotating Proxies for Ticketmaster

If you are a fan of watching famous musical live events on ‘first day first show’ basis, you are well aware of Ticketmaster.com and must be very well aware of Ticketmaster scalping as well.

In the past times with proxies, Ticketmaster scalping was an easy and prevalent way where one set a few proxies with a credit card and account numbers to get the tickets as soon as they were available for sale to the public, but sadly, for many people, it was an easy methods in this regard; now the times have changed for the reason that Ticketmaster has taken a few thoughtful steps even since it started hunting the proxies belonging to the same ID.


Since you are on this page, you know very well that buying the tickets in bulk from Ticketmaster using a bot is strictly prohibited officially and it is also a disfavored activity in the musical industry. It is an activity that has caused a significant increase in the number of Ticketmaster scalpers that buy tickets in huge number for the sole purpose of offering the tickets to the interested buyers at a higher price of their choice to make easy money. As a result, the attendance of such live events turn out to be highly doubtful for the reason that one person gets hold of a huge number of tickets, and it makes being a viewer of the live music less entertaining.

Here I am actually saying that in case you want to take the information contained in this post about making the use of proxies to buy tickets from Ticketmaster, I humbly request you that you never misuse it in any way. I just want you to utilize proxies so as to ensure that you can buy the tickets for yourself and your dear friends. I assure you that selling ticket at greater price than the original price using technology isn’t an amusing activity, so always stay in the legal limits.

With my humble views about Ticketmaster scalping, it is vital to be aware of the use of proxies to get the tickets from Ticketmaster, so that you can level the playing field. It has happened several times with me that I impatiently waited my clock to strike 10:00 AM so that I could buy tickets for Radiohead and all I got to know that they were all gone in the blink of an eye. I wondered how it was possible and I finally got my answer in form of rotating proxies.

Introduction to TicketMaster Proxies

thumbsupYou will find that Ticketmaster is extremely strict when it is about banning the proxies. They simply hates it when bots make the attempts to purchase the tickets on their site, so they’ve loads of people and funds dedicated to discourage this activity. In short, you have to be very careful when you use proxies and here you will require particular types of proxies to stay out of their radar. So here I will tell you first what you should not do;

NO Free Proxies

I know it is obvious for many people, still they try the free proxies, and if you are one of them, I strongly suggest that you immediately drop this idea for the reason that it will be useless to try getting Ticketmaster tickets even if you try quite a lot of free proxies. It is highly likely that those free proxies are already present in the database of flagged proxies of Ticketmaster. If you still want to make an attempt with this option, do it but avoid doing it for the event you really do not want to miss.

NO Shared Private Proxies

You can find paid proxies which are shared with only a few users, but I advise you to avoid them too for Ticketmaster or it is again highly likely that you run into the same problem as with free proxies. It is probable that one of those few users might have abused it and already caused the IP to be banned.

NO Static and Unchanging Proxies

There are services with offers of group of proxies, but the service in question might not switch the proxies quite often or never. It is also the case that will not work for Ticketmaster for the reason that Ticketmaster will ban these proxies in the end and you will be searching for the new proxies very soon.
For all the intents and purposes, you require elite private proxies which are not static to buy tickets at Ticketmaster in bulk. In this process, getting the proxies is the very initial step you have to take. In addition, you will require a software application for deployment of proxies which could be very costly. Nevertheless, I am sure you are all prepared for this expense, or you will have to get a coder that can work with you to achieve the same purpose. Either the coder of the software is necessary for the reason that the objective here is to open a few order forms in Ticketmaster simultaneously, most probably at the time when the tickets are available for sale. It will be a very slow process if you try to open more than a few tabs manually and enter the order details to buy the tickets.

In case you decide to go manually, the tickets will be long gone when you even reach to step of clink ‘submit’ button. On the other hand, the software would let you pre-load every piece of needed details i.e. credit card number, address, account info and any other necessary details and you will be ready to press ‘submit’ button at the speed of lightening.

Now the rotating proxies are compulsory to have for the reason that in case you do it with a normal ISP IP, Ticketmaster is smart enough to detect it and will block the account of yours promptly. In short, you require elite private proxies at any cost and those proxies also have to be rotating proxies.

Significant Reasons to Have Rotating Proxies

Rotating proxies mean that they are rotated every day and sometimes even on hourly basis and are offered in a group. The rotation gives a fresh group of proxies several times in a day, so the proxies do not get stale at all. Here I tell you five significant reasons that will surely be convincing enough for you to buy the rotating proxies.

Ticketmaster rotating proxies

1 – No Manual Efforts to Switch Proxies

It’s the one of clearest reasons. With the use of rotating proxies, you do not require a manual check for switching proxies. When you have several proxies working all at once, you have to keep a check constantly to confirm whether they are working or Ticketmaster has barred them. In case of one or more banned proxies, you will have to replace the banned one with a new one taking one out of the proxy reserve you have and it will all be done by hand which becomes quite an irritating task.

In case of using rotating proxies, you simply enter new ones at the time you receive them, set a timer, copy and paste new ones in the application you have got and you are good to go for Ticketmaster spinning. Now when a proxy gets blocked, you stay calm and do nothing on your own since the rotating proxies will be updated by the seller on the constant basis.

2 – Captcha Solution

You have to fill in the captcha when you buy a ticket at Ticketmaster which is preventive measure to make sure that the user is not a real human and there is not bot involved in the buying process. A captcha is displayed as an image carrying a few letters, numbers or a combination of alpha-numeric words which is quite difficult to read and you have to enter the words written in the image acceptably or else the page will be reloaded. If you make wrong attempts multiple times, Ticketmaster may block your IP considering you a bot.

Ticketmaster uses captcha as the core point to differentiate humans from bots. As a careful security step, Ticketmaster will not completely block an account in case it finds that the user is actually a bot. To confirm it, Ticketmaster asks you to go through many captchas and the number of captchas grow if Ticketmaster has greater suspicion.


Filling in too many captchas is surely annoying and consumes a great deal of time as well which is simply precious when you are buying tickets for popular event. Since all the proxies are not virgin proxies, the rotating ones would make it possible that test of captcha remain quite low for the reason that they have very slim chances of catching attention, hence, lowing the chances of getting banned as they’re utilized irregularly.

Residential & Rotating IPs

The following three points are based on the notion that rotating IPs you use will also be the residential IPs. In general, they are obtained from the lists of residential IP since it is quite easy to rotate the pools of residential IPs compared with proxy lists of the data center.

Here it is very important to tell you that the residential IPs are not much appreciated in the world of proxies and it will also be very difficult to get to some authentic proxy sellers in this regard. Therefore, I urge you to make a great deal of research before you buy.

3 – It is Tough to Spot the Residential IPs.

If the proxy seller is offering rotating IPs, it is very likely that there will also be included the residential IPs. The key advantage of using residential IPs is that they give the impression that a person is using Ticketmaster to buy tickets from a house since they’ve a changed identification number as compared to the IPs of a data center, so it appears to be clearly legitimate and Ticketmaster finds no objection.

Ticketmaster always aims to stop scalping and spinning, so it has all the possible measures in action to confirm that the user is a real human, and it aims to eliminate the use of bots. Now when a proxy IP appears to be coming from a real user and home, it is less likely to be blocked by Ticketmaster.

4 – The Positive Effect of Slow Speed

The residential and rotating proxies are supposed to be little slower in speed than the proxies of data center as it makes more natural impression. In case you make the request to buy 500 tickets in one go with IPs which are belong to the data center at fast speed, it will certainly be alarming enough for Ticketmaster to be suspicious of your buying. Therefore, a more natural way will be to reduce the speed of ping to some extent. It’s particularly the case with proxies of data center while rotating IPs already have such built-in capacity.

5 – Cheap Cost

Cheap Cost ProxiesIt is a very delicate and complicated to deal with the proxies. You may have the ideas the fastest proxies which are activated instantly are the best ones, but the truth is that you need to stay in the game with a much longer time and it is possible with proxies that can sustain the test of time.

When you purchase proxies with the aim of Ticketmaster spinning, you have to think about the fact that how long a group of non-rotating proxies will last; although you have 500 or even more, you remain highly cautious and do not use the proxies round the clock, sooner or later Ticketmaster will hunt your proxies down for the reason that you have the same IP addresses again and again. Thus, it is clear that you necessitate completely new ones every time and there should be no repetition of the old ones.

There is another important aspect that Ticketmaster may block the whole subnets while detecting the proxies instead of one single IP. Normally, non-rotating IP addresses are in one or two big subnets. So it is so much possible that 100 IPs in one subnet can be blocked as the result of getting one IP banned by Ticketmaster. Now to avoid this situation, you either update the whole bunch of proxies again and again or you simply choose rotating proxies.

I hope you have understood clearly why and how to use the rotating proxies if you want to lay your hands on the tickets of your favorite concerts before the Ticketmaster scalpers and spinner do it. I have talked about using rotating proxies for Ticketmaster only since Ticketmaster has extreme measures in this regard, but you can use them for other platforms as well.