Why Should You Buy USA Proxies for Locally Targeted Businesses?

When you are out in the market, you will find that every private proxy seller is offering the proxies which are USA based, but you will also come to know that a majority of these USA based proxy seller do not give the proxies which are specific to your desired location. What they simply assign you is a series of proxies, so you may find in the list of proxies a few of LA, a few of Cleveland and so on. When we talk about online businesses or the necessary marketing acts, there is a requirement of proxies coming of particular regions, since in case of a few businesses, the region-specific proxy is as significant as the kind of proxy used.


When should you purchase USA based proxies?

You need to purchase USA based proxies in case your business is reliant on particular regions. A good usage of USA based proxies is to link all of the communication tools you have like email client or social media accounts so as to get closer to the targeted consumers of yours.

There’re particular online businesses where you are compelled to purchase USA proxies so as to be related to reach the prospective customers while some businesses cannot even think of working in the absence of USA based proxies. In this post, we will have a look at a few online businesses which require USA based proxies to connect via them.

For Craigslist

There is no doubt that it is one of the most visited sites in the niche of advertisement and it is definitely a highly effective marketing tool for a large number of businesses online as well as offline. The majority of advertisements on Craigslist is targeted locally and the enormous part of these advertisements are about physical things.

You are needed to get USA based proxies from particular urbanite zones so as to post on Craigslist, so that you can easily and quickly reach to your prospective clients.

To post on Craigslist, even the USA inhabitants as well as businesses require to purchase USA based proxies for specific states and cities, so that they can post in those areas as well. For instance, a musical instrument company from Florida needs to get USA proxies from the cities which are located on west coast to have a higher reach of the prospective customers from California.

For this purpose, you are required to purchase Craigslist proxies which are location specific. StormProxies offers you 30+ locations in USA to purchase USA proxies.

craigslist proxies

For Ticketmaster

It is one of the most controlled and restricted sites on the World Wide Web. In case you are trying to visit this site from outside of the USA, it is highly likely that you won’t find much of the luck in this regard. In addition, to access the official site of Ticketmaster, you may require domestic IP address in order to make more human looking traffic impression. In case you are scalping, it is a prerequisite to obtain proxies for Ticketmaster from a reliable service like StormProxies.

Ticketmaster Proxies

For Facebook

Today, almost no one can deny the fact that he or she does not know about Facebook, even the ones who don’t have presence on the online social networking, if such people exist today, so it is one of the most visited social networks. You may wonder why you should get Facebook proxies. Well, you may not be in need of making new friends from other USA cities, but you may be in need of Facebook proxies to access some FB groups based on other USA cities.

To post in an FB group is surely a greatly effective marketing strategy for online businesses as well as offline businesses. Just like posting advertisements on Craigslist, you will require purchasing USA proxies for Facebook in case you have physical or local products which you intend to promote in other local groups.

Facebook Proxies

For Search Engine Optimization & Online Research

You need USA proxies for conducting the activities of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in case you want to carry out local web or search engine scrapping. It is possible that you will see different search results according to the location you are where you are using your computer. To see the city specific results, proxies are needed. So when you run task for SEO, is it advisable that you first check proxy location for the reason that it can make an impact on the results.

The USA proxies are also required for SEO research. Since Google comes up with search results based on proxy location you currently have, you necessitate USA proxies to obtain results of the particular regions.

SEO Proxies

What sort of proxy to purchase?

The location based proxy is an essential factor in case you are targeting local clients or research only. One more vital aspect is the sort of USA proxy you should use. For instance, if you activity is related to Facebook, you should obtain the virgin proxies for social media networks. In case of search engine optimization, you can obtain shared proxies which are available at a low price specifying your targeted region.

Final Words

  • You need purchasing proxies for USA with precise regions in case you intend to promote your products to the local consumers or you want to carry out local SEO or search.
  • The kind of proxy is supposed to be related for the specific task you intend to do with the use of proxy such as for social media or SEO.
  • You can used these proxies for classified posting on Craigslist and you can buy exclusive Craigslist proxies ensuring the precise region. StormProxies offers you special proxies to use for Craigslist from more than thirty regions.
  • You can be in need of purchasing USA based proxies so as to visit sites for e-ticketing and social networks such as Facebook.
  • You can make use of the USA based proxies for SEO as well as to acquire the location specific results on a search engine.