Tips to Buy Nike & Supreme Shoes with the Help of Proxies

In case you aren’t a big fan of the shoe culture, you may scratch your head wondering what I am really talking about in this post. On the other hand, you are interested it, you will have a clear idea what I really mean after I say it is quite annoying to secure even a single pair for the actual price of the retail.

Like a rare product, the shoes from Nike or Supreme bring the weighty price for the keen persons to purchase as well as sell them again; maybe Nike is one of the top buyers for the committed resellers. There is no doubt that Nike is an immensely famous brand, so quality as well as reliability of Nike’s products are surely matchless. This company has had a long history, so when this firm announces that it is going to issue a special shoe design, its lovers start waiting for the arrival of the new design. Nike has immense sources to make exceptional limited-run shoe models and release to celebrate particular occasions.

Nike shoes Proxies

Nike as well as Supreme has done it many times while it has turned out to be an extremely profitable commercial activity for the people who have a plenty of time, sources and aggressive nature which is a basis a requirement to obtain these newly launched shoes. Such marketers have got networks with the keen shoe collectors all through the globe who are ready to pay more value than that of the real price of the shoes since these collectors do not want even a single pair of shoes missing in their collection. Nike offers the shoes to the wholesalers and they offer them to the retailers, and the retailers offers them to the foreign dealers. The foreign dealers offers the shoes to the collectors as well as to the other high-end dealers and this series of offering goes on and on every time. The monetary value of the shoes keeps rising at every stage.

The main question here is that how the middlemen get the newly lanced models so fast. Over and over again, if you pay attention, you will see that these pair get out of stock in a few hours and sometimes in a few minutes. At times, they are already sold out earlier than the deal publically is live on the site. It goes from the launch countdown to the sold banner directly. I have seen it before in case of shoes and video games. Io know it is not an uncommon activity, but it is really a complicated and delicate task to do.

A majority of the people does not easily identify how to trick this whole system to get hold of the shoes they love before they are all sold. The desperate buyers keep trying to be the first people who hit F5 to refresh the site so as to access the deal as soon it is live, praying that the site does not crash; if the sites caches, the dream of these buyers crashes. In short, they turn into the experts at filling in the payment info or depend on the sites which already have the info saved. Here Amazon is quite infamous in this matter for the deals on Black Friday, Cyber Sunday and other shopping events.

supreme shoes proxies

Well, it is not a standard way of retail for Nike. The firm makes limited run of a shoe design such as 2,000 pairs and releases them to the picked stores in the chosen cities. The basic notion is to trigger the excitement about the released model and push it to the specific sellers where the shoe enthusiasts go camping the whole night so as to buy them.

Nike has made quite an exciting stance on this whole matter. They simply do not make remarks on it clearly. In an article of the Wall Street Journal, Nike only states that ‘It isn’t underground now when you cite it.’ The firm doesn’t not promote the method, which may lead to the less obtainability of those shoes as more unfulfilled fans have to purchase them from other buyers at an insanely high prices.

The workers of Nike are recognized for monitoring and keeping the tabs on such sites as well as communities which harvest and sell the shoes at a higher prices to utilize the data they attain. The purpose is to treat the communities as focus groups. These workers observe if a greater or slighter product run has the effects on value and fame of the shoes. They monitor responses to different models and basically harvest a great deal of data to make better ideas for prospective products.

In the meanwhile, they may visit the stores physically to conduct the spot checks on the receipts to ascertain that every store is offering the shoes at the original price to the individuals instead of giving shoes in the large quantities to one person. It is rumored that Nike revokes the account of such a store and takes the whole supply off the shelves; it is still vague if something like this has happened to any store yet. Supreme also does the similar act.

So this is the whole situation if you try to get the shoes in large quantities. If must be wondering how the middlemen purchase voluminous pairs of limited-edition shoes to offer their customers about whom I just mention above? If the shoes are released all over the globe in restricted number, it makes no sense for a little two-man action or travel across many countries for the profit of some hundred dollars. To help you find the answer, I would say that it is the matter of internet.

When you conclude everything, you will find that there are limited ways to purchase the pair of rare shoes. In the beginning, you can purchase personally or you visit an online store to make the purchase. To buy personally is evidently one of the most limited options. You are required to be at the store physically as soon as the shoe collection is put on sale; ideally, you have to secure a position in the front with money to purchase as many pairs as you can have with you. The sellers at the store must be ready and enabled to possibly keep away the crowd of infuriated consumers who have been waiting behind you. You also need to persuade the store to sell you as many pairs as possible. In short, it is an enormous probable annoyance, chiefly when you begin dealing with the agents around the globe.

The option of doing it online seems to be quite simpler, yet it is more difficult. Nike and Supreme do not offer the limited editions online every time and they normally direct the retailers to avoid listing rare models online of any kind. It is done to ensure the buyers who visit the store get a chance to buy the shoes instead of making quick sales online which sometimes really kills the excitement.

There are a number of problems related with online buying of limited editions. You have to be aware of the date of release beforehand. In case, the sale is on at midnight, you must know according to which time zone it will be the midnight. Here time plays a critical and vital role.

You have to think about the architecture of the website as well. In case you are purchasing from the official website of or form, there are probabilities that the website manages the enormous flow of visitors without any issues. It may face technical hitches in phase of payment processing, so you have to keep your eyes open in the whole course of action. In case of small retail stores, websites can simply be crashed because of the sudden flood of the visitors and you won’t be able to do anything in this regard.

You are supposed to study and respect the moral principles of the store selling shoes. A website such as Amazon or Nike will not disclose the street date which is the date and time when the new collection will be obtainable on sale, while a small store may not be so careful and may have an employee in the IT department of the website who is not careful enough. Thus, there will be no wisdom in visiting the website of a small store on the release date which sold the collection two days earlier.

You necessitate a way of payment which will not fail, but it is usually not an issue for the major companies of credit cards and PayPal. A business account is anticipated to make the resolutions around the globe and it will not be malfunction as a result of it.

There is limit on the terrestrial accessibility as well. In case of an exclusive shoe, launched in LA as well as NYC, the chances are that the launch date will roll to have different times, so you have to be on each site at the time when it is available for sale.

The geographical location plays a vital role in case of online launches; at times, the websites might have constraints regarding the addresses to which they ship or IPs to which they sell. In case you are making an attempt to purchase a limited shoe edition from a store in Tokyo, the IP from Iowa might not work for you.

Role of Proxies

Proxies are picture-perfect tool to resolve these issues. By using a proxy, you appear to be coming from a region local to the store, thus, you are given priority in the placement and you have almost no glitches and jumps between ‘you’ and the server of a particular store. Here it is of vital importance that the proxy does not slow the process down, so you are supposed to get a reliable local proxy.

The proxies show you coming from right time zone as well as the topographical place to purchase a rare and limited collection of the shoes, in fact, most of the online resellers opt for this option. These resellers purchase first-class proxies for this purpose and they are easily able preaches as many shoes as they are prepared to. In case, there is a restricted supply per person or deal, they are well equipped to utilize dozens of different proxies at the same time to make a many deals so as to attain more pairs of the shoes.


To get a way in among the competitors who could be other resellers or simply genuine buyers, you are to utilize the proxies. Normally, you require several proxies which you must test ahead of time for the reason that you never have an idea if a proxy will get barred from a website as a result of its abuse in the past days or if it will not accept the payments suitably.

If at all possible, you have to check every proxy you are set to utilize as a minimum one day before the release date of shoes you want. You need a proxy which can connect fast, and it does not make any sort of faults when you are buying the intended product and it is safe enough that you can have reliance on it with the payment mode you select. It is a decent notion when you are utilizing the private proxies to use impermanent payment info such as prepaid cards or restricted PayPal account. There are 2 main causes to test the buying beforehand; first of all, you do it to ascertain that you can do shopping effectively, and second of all, to have your info in place on the intended website to lessen the time it would take to make a purchase afterwards where the difference of milliseconds will mean buying 2 units and 20.

Criterion to Pick a Perfect Proxy

There are certain aspects of a good proxy which you have to consider to attempt such a deal online which you will find mention below;


privacy-proxyThe very initial aspect you look into this is about its private. The publically shared as well as free proxy servers are generally very bad to use for this purpose; people are normally tempted with the offer of free proxies, but they are of no use in this case. If you choose such proxies, they will continuously display ads and will interrupt your use with even further display of ads, on the whole, they are sluggish and untrustworthy for the reason that they are already being utilized by a lot of other users. Her safety is also a series concern as a few proxies may monitor your connection to scrape your private info you have on your computer which also includes your payment details. It is likely as well that some user in the past got the proxy barred which will ultimately fail you in your efforts.

It may turn out to be actually unsafe to do something more than basic web browsing using public proxy. A list of the private proxies will obviously cost you some mount to access, but it will pay its worth back to you begin highly dependable, productive and effective. In addition, it does not display ads for the reason that the proxy provider is already charging you with a premium price.


proxy-securityIt’s a kind of extension to the aspect of privacy in various ways. I am sure you will never want your online activities and info tracked and stored in any way to which can later be used against you in form of online fraud and identity theft. The private proxies are reliable pertaining to the aspect of security, still I suggest that you use impermanent info and payment mode to firmly secure yourself online against any odds since there is a slim chance of having potential troubles.


It’s exactly the core of using a private proxy. Here we are discussing the deal where the fraction of a second play the role of make-it or break-it tool either making you successful or sabotaging the whole of your efforts. As compared to the public proxies, private proxy providers have high quality and fast servers in different locations with reliable connections. In this process, you necessitate to have as the fastest possible connection between your computer and proxy along with the fastest connection between proxy and online store you have targeted.

No Advertising

The time which a proxy server takes to load the promotional ads is the time it is not loading the store’s website. In case it is compelling you to work in iframe, you are at the hazard of loading the interstitial advertisements. You expect that the payment confirmation page will appear now, but what appears is an ad and you are simply boned completely. Now you cannot cancel it as you will be required to refresh the page so as to place your order once again and it will be too late to get the shoes.

Close Geographic Place

It is also a vital element in several ways. It defines your time zone to the online store and it can get you the benefit in case you are in the zone of earlier release of the shoe model. In case the online store uses filters based on the geographical location for purchase and shipping, you must appear as a local.

Now if you have got a list of the premium and exclusive proxies which fully meets all the points mentioned here, you should go for it without any doubts and hesitation as it is hard to find reliable and workable proxies.