6 Points You Should Reconsider For Instagram Marketing With Unique Proxies In 2017

In 2016, we witnessed a huge increase in the tendency of online marketers regarding the use of Instagram in which many accounts were created to make money. Now it is more than obvious that a lot of marketers will repeat it to check if it’s still a workable practice or it has been badly abused and lost its worth.

It is a common norm that things change as the year changes and people have to update themselves for better and bigger outcomes and survive in this cyber forest. In case you were lucky with Instagram proxies and automation tools last year, it is high time that you reconsidered your strategy to avoid any surprise and, God forbid, any losses in 2017. Here I will talk about 5 key points you are supposed to rethink about to continue your success in 2017 too.

Important Points about Basic Setup

Before you get ready to use your strategy, here I will define the overall setup for this purpose. Generally, the majority of online marketers employs the automation tools such as MassPlanner or FollowLiker and connect the accounts via virgin private Instagram proxies, exclusively provided for Instagram.

In this setup, I will focus 60 Instagram accounts with equal number of Instagram proxies, MassPlanner, of course, for automation and VPS in order to run the software round the clock.

1 – Follow Settings

StormProxies offers virgin Instagram proxies, so you have no threat of getting the connection blocked at all because of flagged IPs. Nevertheless, owing to the excessive follow settings, many accounts get banned as well as the proxies are flagged too. Here the basic idea is to automate accounts in a manner that they appear to be generated by the real individuals instead of giving the impression of an automaton tool. To make it happen, avoid following a huge number of accounts in a day and unfollow those accounts next day. You simply allow the accounts to be created at a slower pace to discourage the churn-&-burn effect. As a result, each account will bring higher returns since you will not need to change or purchase new proxies as the replacement of the banned ones.

2 – Follow Sources

In the second place after your follow settings, you have to find out the Instagram accounts you are supposed to follow. In order to decide it, you should ask yourself the subsequent questions to have a clearer picture;

  • Is the particular influencer a part of the niche same as yours?
  • What is the activity level of that influencer?
  • Does he or she still have relevance?
  • Does that influencer receive a high level of engagement on his or her posts?
  • How huge is his or her following?

Once you have answered to all of the above mentioned questions, it will be crystal clear if you should go for that influencer or keep on searching for more of them.

3 – The Relevance of Hashtags

We know it very well that they’re used for engaging the users by becoming prominent in diverse search results. There are particular hashtags to target the audience in all niches. Since you have 60 Instagram accounts linked with Instagram proxies, it is quite easy for you to test the relevance of numerous hashtags by assigning 10 accounts per hashtag.

Having used them for 2 weeks, it will become very much clear which ones are the most effective to grow the engagement of your accounts.

4 – Content

It is the content that keeps your followers on Instagram interested in your profiles, so you must not take it lightly at any stage. Content is the recognition of your account and you have to regularly update all the accounts. Now the question may arise about the definition of quality content and how you can generate such content.

Well, when you browse online for guidelines and ideas of high quality content, you can find lots of websites with good tips shared by experts in this regard. I bet that you will be mind-boggled after reading a few tips. In fact, there is no set standard for it. The behavior of target audience varies from niche to niche, and there are so many niches, so it is simply impossible to set the standard guidelines which can work for every niche. I think I have scared you enough, so it is time to be at ease.

Ok, now you have 60 accounts, so you have a plenty of room to test and find out what is quality content in your niche. The following tips will be quite helpful;

  • Explore what other users share and which type of posts receive most likes and comments and what sort of comments they receive. It is evident that posts with most likes and comments make the quality content.
  • Humor is loved by everyone, everywhere in every niche except the content is really about a tragic event; though there are people with wicked sense of humor and find it in all situations. In short, try to incorporate humor in your posts.

It will take some time, but you will finally get to know what quality content really means and how you can generate it on your own. Please, do not post duplicate content.

5 – Design of Your Landing Page

When it is about the design of landing page, I strongly suggest that you follow the simplicity and do not be tempted by flashy and overloaded landing page. It should have the following features;

  • Font size big enough to easily read.
  • Use relevant content only.
  • It should be written in natural tone.
  • Avoid being too salsy and pressing to buy your product.
  • Do not use any irrelevant link or you will miss the chance of making the sale.

I repeat you must be careful with the design of your landing page or you will risk your desired call-to-action.

6 – Link Cloaking

If you are thinking of placing the same link of landing page in every bio and post you update on Instagram, you are openly inviting Instagram to ban your accounts. Yes, I know you have a host of unique Instagram proxies for every account, but it is not enough at all to trick Instagram because the placement of same link is the obvious proof of association of all the accounts.

You may create many landing pages, but it is really a longer and costlier route, so I do not advise it to you. Instead, I advise you to avail the service of link cloaking which is safer and cheaper way to stay safe.


  • Determine the basic setup of accounts i.e. number of accounts, unique proxies and server.
  • Be patient in following and unfollowing.
  • Find the influencers and follow them.
  • Make use of the relevant hashtags and avoid abusing them. Test several hashtags to find the most effective ones.
  • Post quality content and keep testing what is considered quality content in your niche.
  • Design a simple and catchy landing page.
  • Use a link cloaking service.

Marketing on Instagram using automation tools with unique Instagram proxies did work well last year. With the aforementioned reconsiderations in the basic strategies, you will surely stay safe with your accounts and overall marketing plan on marketing.