Tips to Utilize Instagram Private Proxies to Make Money with Newsjacking Technique

newjackingNewsjacking has become a proven and foolproof method to make money for a host of online marketers. In this method, the marketers make use of the automated accounts using the automation tools along with proxies of Instagram.

There are some definite benefits of utilizing newsjacking method to produce high traffic volume as well as financial gains in no time. In the same go, one can enjoy many other benefits as well of utilizing Instagram proxies by automating several accounts on the platforms of social media. When you combine both the methods, you are bound to make a highly rewarding online marketing plan to promote the campaign of your product or service.

Why should you use Instagram proxies?

There are several reasons to choose this option and here we will talk about why it is a lethal combination of Instagram proxies and newsjacking.

The key reason of utilizing the Instagram proxies is to have the automated process of creating a huge number of Instagram accounts in order to have access to the grand audience to make the marketing campaign a surefire success. These are the virgin private proxies which are assigned only to you for making the marketing activities. There is now doubt that these virgin private proxies are the finest once in this regard you can get from a private proxy a provider. At StormProxies, you will find the excellent virgin private proxies, and we also give you concrete assurance that these exclusive proxies will very easily be connected to the social media without facing any sort of issues.

An Example of Using Instagram Proxies

Allow me to share here an instance of utilizing these Instagram proxies.

You just imagine that you have productively automated 35 Instagram accounts within a month. With the passage time, every account you created with automation receives 1,000 Instagram followers. It means that the all accounts have received a total number 35, 000 followers. Now if you have a conversion rate of 1% in a month, you are actually having 350 unique sales for sure.

If you are wondering how you can make it happen, you just do not worry as I will let you know it all here. Now you can do this all with just 1 VPS account, 1 tool for automation and 35 Instagram proxies bought from StormProxies.

In case you are still wondering about what you can offer to your target audience to sell to make money online, you can simply employ the tested methods of newsjacking and promote through the Instagram accounts created with automation tool.

Introduction to Newsjacking

Newsjacking is the procedure of making and marketing content related to diverse subjects on the latest happenings. We can say that it is quite comparable to the late night shows, so it makes the most of latest news and happenings to draw the attention of audience in mass.

Benefits of Newsjacking

There are numerous benefits you will have when you use this method and here I have listed down the two major ones.

1 – Exploitation of Social Media Users

It is one of the strongest and evergreen methods and certainly has to offer many benefits to its users. In the very first place, you can exploit the users of social media. Since they are flooded with content on the same subject, drawing their attention to the related content of original news turns out to be quite easy. As a result, this aspect enhances the virality of the promoted content as well. This method is so powerful that you can even bring a huge volume of visitors to a newly created website.

2 – No Limitation of the Niche

When you employ this method, you have a free reign to use your ideas in numerous niches for marketing of your campaign. In short, you can simply take the advantage of any niche. This feature makes it an ideal and appropriate one for the novice online markets in social media.

Now you just have to stay on your toes listening to what is happening around you on constant basis of high significance with the potential to become viral via different communication mediums. The moment you find some news of high and value for the audience, embrace yourself with your tools i.e. automation too and Instagram proxies purchased from StormProxies.

Tips to Use Newsjacking Method on Instagram

Depending on the experiences of people, some say that it works well with Twitter while you can find a lot of people saying the positive things in favor of Instagram. Well, if you talk about the real piece of news, it is definitely better to use Twitter, but if we talk about using newsjacking with the perceptive of marketing, there is no doubt that Instagram will unquestionably outshine Twitter.

Since you can place only one link on Instagram, you had better be careful with its usage or else you may not be able to have much positive results. Here your thoughtfulness and research will play the most important role for having better results.

You can place that one link in your Instagram bio to lead your visitors to a landing page where you promote any item which has the tendency of impulsive shopping pertaining to the news item you used as your marketing content. You will experience better outcomes of your campaign on Instagram as compared to Twitter.

What and When to Promote to Make Money?

I hope you got a crystal-clear picture of why it is advisable to employ the method of newsjacking on Instagram and how the particular proxies for Instagram will upsurge your conversion’s chances, and now I will show you what sort of news and products you should consider to promote and make money.

Here the basic principle is that the product should be relevant to the original piece of news. For instance, if you select Super Bowl, you can opt for shirts printed with Super Bowl related tag lines or images of famous players. If you select celebrities, you can choose their books/biographies, movies, or merchandise they are associated with. Election is also very important occasion, but you have to wait for quite long.

It is so powerful method that you can make it your key source of income and all you have to do is just unleash your ideas and exploit every possible event and news occurring all through the year.


  • Create Instagram accounts with automaton tool using diverse Instagram proxies of StormProxies.
  • Find some valuable news.
  • Develop your content and add your link in bio.
  • Promote the content.
  • Have fun with your well deserving income.